Scotland secretly in love with England

THE people of Scotland have admitted to the secret love they have for the English.

'But he was my black friend' says Cameron

THE prime minister has admitted feeling bereft after criticism by his only black friend, President Obama.

Dire warnings ‘don’t work when delivered in French’

THE French language just makes threats sound alluring or delicious, it has been confirmed.

US election drags on with Super Caucus Wednesday Tedious Bullshit Thing

AMERICA’S elections have entered their umpteenth day of tedious self-indulgence with some more pointless bullshit.

Jon Snow joins Wexit campaign

THE leader of the Night’s Watch has joined the campaign to end Westeros's economic union with neighbouring Essos.

Brexit rebranded as Bring Back Duty Free

THE Brexit campaign is receiving record backing from the public after being rebranded as Bring Back Duty Free.

IDS warns of dragons approaching from Calais

IAIN Duncan Smith has warned that Britain faces risk from winged, fiery death by remaining in the EU.

Trump calls Buddha a ‘stupid foreign hippy’

DONALD Trump has continued his war on religious leaders with a foulmouthed attack on Buddha.