Nobel Prize for YouTube comments shortlist announced

THE Nobel committee has selected the potential winners of this year's YouTube comments prize.

UN unveils capitalism opt-out region

THE UN has given people who don't like capitalism the option to try something else instead.

Abandoned Washington DC becomes ape habitat

THE abandoned capital of the United States hasĀ been colonised by apes after just three days of a government shutdown.

Britain still gripped by every twist and turn of Syria story

BRITAIN cannot hear enough aboutĀ the Syrian conflict and has urged the media to report it in greater detail.

Syria vote was based on one of my other massive fuck-ups, says Blair

TONY Blair has insisted it was the way he turned post-invasion Iraq into an utter hellhole that stopped MPs from backing war in Syria.

Universal Credit giving millions to extraterrestrials

THE new Universal Credit scheme has erroneously paid out millions of pounds to claimants across our galaxy.

Cameron fails in bid to add an extra 500 explosions to Syria

SYRIA'S civil war will witness slightly fewer explosions after MPs voted to keep British bombs for something else.