Scaremongering about Ukrainian immigrants to begin on Wednesday

UKRAINIAN stereotypes are to be launched this week, say leading xenophobes.

Winter Olympics degenerates into Razzle magazine photoshoot

THE Winter Olympics has switched its focus from sport to softcore pornography.

Scotland joining Eurovision would be ‘very difficult for everyone’

SCOTLAND’S bid to join Eurovision would be opposed by countries where people can hear, it has been claimed.

Sports Illustrated models 'honoured' to be masturbatory fodder

THE cover girls of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition feel 'humbled' at becoming self-pleasuring material.

You can have the f*cking place, Britain tells Romania

BRITAIN has offered to swap countries with Romania.

Danish giraffes unhappiest in world

DENMARK’S giraffes are the least optimistic about the future, according to a new study.

Putin bans rainbows

PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin has banned the meteorological phenomenon of the rainbow within his country's borders.

It wasn't deliberate, says Titanic glacier

THE glacier that spawned the 'Titanic iceberg' has denied any malicious intent.