Jon Snow joins Wexit campaign

THE leader of the Night’s Watch has joined the campaign to end Westeros's economic union with neighbouring Essos.

Brexit rebranded as Bring Back Duty Free

THE Brexit campaign is receiving record backing from the public after being rebranded as Bring Back Duty Free.

IDS warns of dragons approaching from Calais

IAIN Duncan Smith has warned that Britain faces risk from winged, fiery death by remaining in the EU.

Trump calls Buddha a ‘stupid foreign hippy’

DONALD Trump has continued his war on religious leaders with a foulmouthed attack on Buddha.

Church denies Pope had normal human feelings

CATHOLIC church officials have denied that Pope John Paul II would have done anything normal and healthy like fancying a woman.

Syrian refugees 'now have no excuse not to return to bombsites'

THE Syrian ceasefire means refugees have no reason not to go back to the blasted ruins of their homes, say European leaders.

Greece split over future of Kraken

GREECE’S left-wing leader has said he would never unleash the Kraken and called for the monster to be phased out.

Savoury pancakes are bullshit, says Pope

THE Pope has officially proclaimed that God did not intend anyone to eat savoury pancakes.