Putin bans rainbows

PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin has banned the meteorological phenomenon of the rainbow within his country's borders.

It wasn't deliberate, says Titanic glacier

THE glacier that spawned the 'Titanic iceberg' has denied any malicious intent.

Britons bemused by Thai voting fuss

BRITISH people have been wondering why people in Thailand are so into voting.

Bromley's Jewel of the Raj to advertise during Super Bowl

A SOUTH London curry house has paid $2.2 million for a 25-second advert during Sunday's Super Bowl.

You are with SodaStream or you are with the terrorists, says Johansson

SCARLETT Johansson has defined the modern world as a battle between SodaStream and evil.

Plenty more doves where they came from, says Pope

THE Pope has reassured the public that doves are utterly dispensable.

Ukrainian riots 'about trainers'

RIOTS in the Ukrainian capital Kiev are about trainers, it has been claimed.

Angel told nun he was really into her

AN Italian nun has given birth following a visitation from an angel who made her feel like she was the only sister in the world.