America to send monkey-riding-a-dog into space

THE US has responded to Iran's space ambitions with plans to send a monkey strapped to a dog into space.

Obama lip-synced during inauguration

PRESIDENT Obama mimed to a backing track while being sworn in as president, it has emerged.

Belfast City Hall flies picture of Sherlock Holmes kissing a dolphin

BELFAST councillors hope to stop the city’s ongoing riots with by replacing the union flag with a bizarre image of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Inside of Alex Jones's head 'like Hitler chatting to Yosemite Sam'

ALEX Jones is the result of an intense conversation between Adolf Hitler and the angry midget prospector, Yosemite Sam, psychiatrists have confirmed.

Sun 'double bluffing' Argentina into war

THE Sun's open letter to Argentina is a double bluff to deliver the paper's dream of a second Falklands war, it has emerged.

Assault weapons are very handy, says US gun lobby

MILITARY-STYLE assault rifles have many practical applications for the perfectly sane, it has been claimed.