Mandela and Prince Philip exchange sarcastic 'get well soon' cards

NELSON Mandela and Prince Philip have sent each other 'get well' messages dripping with poisonous sarcasm.

Game of Thrones-themed wedding ends in spectacular bloodshed

THE wedding of Napster founder Sean Parker ended with numerous fatalities after guests misunderstood its Game of Thrones theme.

Just don't make me go back to that shop, says Ikea monkey

THE monkey found in Ikea has issued a heartfelt plea not to be sent back there.

Cameron to arm Syrian rebels with a camping stove

SYRIA'S rebels need a camping stove, some cutlery and a good, solid frying pan, David Cameron has confirmed.

International Space Station basically a floating student house

THE International Space Station is a dirty, smelly mess, it has emerged.

UK to leave whatever it joins after leaving EU

SENIOR Tories have backed a referendum on Britain leaving whatever international set-up it joins after quitting the European Union.