Vatican sticks with Nazi theme

THE Vatican has maintained its recent trend of choosing Popes who were adjacent to fascism.

Top 10 Pope facts

The Daily Mash presents a cut-out-and-keep guide to Francis, the first Jesuit  Pope who also happens to be Argentinean.

Shanghai pigs killed by mermaid hen party

THE large number of dead pigs found in a Shanghai river is the result of a mermaid hen party, it has emerged.

Falklands penguins bide their time

THE penguins of the Falkland Islands last night continued to play the 'long game'.

Guardian readers pay tribute to man who would have banned the Guardian

GUARDIAN readers were today in mourning for a man who would have banned the Guardian if it was in Venezuela.

Church ready for hot Pope

A 24-YEAR-OLD swimwear model called Cassius has emerged as favourite for the Papacy.