Inspirational dolphin picture prompts Middle East talks

ISRAEL and Palestine are moving toward a peace agreement after somebody posted a picture of some dolphins on Facebook.

Ibiza attracts record number of morons

PARTY island Ibiza is enjoying a bumper season with over 900,000 morons flying in.

We don't get any aid, says president of Bongobongoland

BONGOBONGOLAND last night insisted it has never received a penny in international aid.

Mugabe to share power with Nick Clegg

ROBERT Mugabe has agreed to share the Zimbabwean presidency with Nick Clegg.

Camerons are 'clingy holiday friends'

A HOLIDAYING couple are trying to shake off the Camerons.

Brazilians asked if they are insane

THREE million Brazil residents who attended a mass by the Pope have been asked what they were thinking.