Berlusconi gets tough as S&P cuts fanny rating

SILVIO Berlusconi has pledged tough action after Standard and Poor's downgraded Italy's triple-A fanny rating.

Conspiracy theorists deny 9-11 anniversary

SEPTEMBER 11th conspiracy theorists have dismissed claims of the terrorist attack's 10th anniversary.

Obama jobs plan a secret Muslim, say Republicans

PRESIDENT Obama's £400bn jobs plans shows all the signs of being a secret Muslim, leading Republicans have claimed.

Gaddafi sets out flame-based vision for 21st century Libya

COLONEL Gaddafi has made a renewed effort to rally the Libyan people with a pledge to set everything on fire.

Gaddafi palace disappointingly tasteful

COLONEL Gaddafi's private chambers have a stylish, minimalist look, rebels fighters have discovered.

US not intelligent enough to withstand Washington earthquake, say experts

AMERICA may not have sufficient intelligence to withstand a seismic event at the centre of its political establishment, experts have warned.

Will Libyan democracy make your car more expensive?

AS Libyans battle for their bright new dawn concerns were being raised that a new regime could charge more for car juice.

Can I stay with you? Gaddafi asks Blair

COLONEL Gaddafi has asked Tony Blair if he can stay in his guest room for a while.