Airbnb 'best way to have sex in a stranger's house'

AIRBNB has been confirmed as the best and most legal way couples can have sex in a stranger’s house.

Cameron visit better than a British passport, says refugee

A SYRIAN refugee visited by David Cameron has confirmed that she would never exchange that experience for British citizenship.

EU vote will include option to restart WW2

NEXT year’s EU referendum will offer voters the chance to relaunch the Second World War.

Tories getting some cracking ideas from Iran

THE UK can learn a lot from the religious dictatorship of Iran, the foreign secretary has claimed.

China ends fun experiment with capitalism

CHINA is to return to full-scale communism after realising capitalism is not really its 'bag'.

Vegemite should be restricted because it tastes like graveyard soil, say campaigners

CAMPAIGNERS have called for a ban on the sale of Vegemite because of how it tastes.

Donald Trump promises to be America’s first fictional president

DONALD Trump, first introduced in stock market heist thriller Trump! in 1981, has vowed to become the US’s first fictional president.