Company founded by Nazis risks damage to reputation

A CAR company founded by Nazis in 1937 is facing a public relations disaster.

Hungary now known for Rubik's Cube, goulash and telling refugees to f**k off

HUNGARY has shown there is more to it than cube puzzles by tear-gassing fleeing Syrians.

American teenager arrested for interest in science

A TEXAN boy has been arrested for doing science.

Airbnb 'best way to have sex in a stranger's house'

AIRBNB has been confirmed as the best and most legal way couples can have sex in a stranger’s house.

Cameron visit better than a British passport, says refugee

A SYRIAN refugee visited by David Cameron has confirmed that she would never exchange that experience for British citizenship.

EU vote will include option to restart WW2

NEXT year’s EU referendum will offer voters the chance to relaunch the Second World War.

Tories getting some cracking ideas from Iran

THE UK can learn a lot from the religious dictatorship of Iran, the foreign secretary has claimed.