France condemned as petty, jumped-up country obsessed with protecting its borders

FRANCE hates foreigners and thinks it is better than neighbouring countries, it has been claimed.

British expats fully integrated into Spanish culture

BRITISH citizens living on the Costa del Sol are now more Spanish than the Spaniards themselves, they have confirmed.

Trump: ‘I am literally an eagle’

DONALD Trump has told America that he is actually an enormous eagle with red-and-white striped wings.

Britain to get absolutely everything it wants from Brexit negotiations

THE UK can get free access to the single market without any concessions on freedom of movement, according to a man with no idea what ‘negotiating’ means.

UK officially assigned ‘clown country’ status

THE IMF has changed Britain’s status to ‘clown country’, giving us the same international standing as a backfiring toy car driven by a dog in a fireman's helmet.

Last pro-Brexit politician leaves Britain

THE last politician who supported Britain leaving the EU has left Britain, it was confirmed today.

EU ‘massively impressed’ by the way Britain’s handling this

THE European Union has praised Britain for the calm, efficient way it has dealt with the aftermath of the referendum.

Entire British Empire restored

EVERY country in the former British Empire has demanded Britain resume full political control now it has proven it is great again.