Middle class advantages outweighed by having to live among middle class people

THE benefits of being born middle class are not worth all the bullshit, it has been claimed.

9/11 White House photos show Cheney looking guilty as hell

PHOTOS from inside the White House on September 11th 2001 show Dick Cheney looking exactly as you would expect if the conspiracy theories were true.

Camping trip only planned to heighten appreciation of house

A FAMILY are spending a weekend camping in order to really appreciate their three bedroom house.

Street oregano being cut with other herbs

OREGANO bought on the streets is laced with other herbs that could have devastating effects on a tomato-based sauce.

Middle-class drinkers slur something about 'being able to handle it'

WEALTHY over-50s have slurred that they can look after themselves when it comes to alcohol.

Obama ‘frustrated by gun-loving shitheads’

PRESIDENT Obama has admitted to being ‘stymied by a bunch of gap-toothed, gun-loving shit-for-brains’.

Resolution of Minaj-Swift crisis beamed to Keplar 452b

EARTH-like planet Keplar 452b is being urgently beamed news that the feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift has been settled.

First-time buyers’ definition of London now includes Coventry

A COUPLE looking to purchase their first home are claiming that Coventry is an up-and-coming part of the metropolitan area.