Man hasn't had sex since 2015 due to Manic Street Preachers

A MAN’S family are worried he will never find a partner due to his love of stolid alt-rockers the Manic Street Preachers.    

Man thinks you're interested in how much water he drinks

A MAN believes the quantity of water he drinks is really important to other people.      

Man overtaking aggressively stuck at traffic lights like a knob

A DRIVER who overtakes as if he is in the Grand Prix invariably ends up at traffic lights just two cars ahead of people he has overtaken.  

Woman clearly only into naked charity stunt because she's fit

AN attractive show-off is forcing her less sexy colleagues to do a naked charity stunt, it has emerged.  

Do you have strong opinions on things you know jack shit about?

ARE you a tiresome fucker with strong opinions on everything from higher education to pet care, despite knowing nothing about them? Take our quiz and find out.

May, Merkel and Macron sign 'Ignore him, he's a twat' letter to Iran

THE leaders of France, Germany and the UK have signed an official letter to Iran advising it ignores Trump because he is a twat. 

Exercise 'knackering'

A MAN who thought exercise was meant to give you stamina and energy has complained that it just made him knackered.

Obama also had this thing about not jumping into a pit full of wolves, Trump told

DONALD Trump has been informed that Obama was very much against presidents jumping into pits full of wolves.