Have-a-go hero brings down obese woman in Greggs

A MAN who rugby-tackled an obese woman just as she was reaching the counter of Greggs has been hailed as a hero.

Petrol set to drop to just 550 per cent of the price of oil

THE price of petrol has plunged to less than six times the price of the oil it comes from for the first time in a decade.

Trump admits even he is terrified of Trump presidency

DONALD Trump has revealed he has had nightmares about him becoming president.

Cover ritually pulled off Christmas Radio Times

THE Christmas Radio Times has been bought and its cover immediately removed in accordance with Yuletide tradition.

Man launches Kickstarter campaign to buy himself a pint

A MAN is hoping to raise enough money to buy himself a pint in Covent Garden.

‘Best albums of 2015’ lists inexplicably different

PROFESSIONALLY-COMPILED list of this year’s best albums somehow have different things on them, it has emerged.

Trump convinced owning golf courses makes him popular in Britain

DONALD Trump believes that owning golf courses is something British people find impressive, it has emerged.

Men who prefer women without make-up universally despised

WOMEN both with and without make-up have confirmed that any man who tells them not to wear it can piss off.