Dog wondering if he came on too strong by sniffing other dog's arse

A DOG is paranoid that he overstepped the mark by running up to another dog and sniffing its anus.

Most evolved species on planet stands at bus stop for 40 minutes before realising it is not in use

MEMBERS of the most intelligent species on the planet have spent 40 minutes waiting at a bus stop that has been out of use for months.

No one obsessed with campus free speech actually a student

EVERYONE who keeps banging on furiously about campus free speech left university at least 25 years ago, it has emerged.

Quite big cat sighted in Taunton

SIGHTINGS of a fairly big cat have been reported by local residents in Somerset.

Trip to conference reveals colleagues are a bunch of freaks

A MAN who spent three days with colleagues outside their normal environment has discovered they are all completely insane.

Screaming baby just saying what everyone's thinking

A SCREAMING baby is just saying what everyone is thinking, it has been confirmed.

Success based on knowing when to be a twat

WORKPLACE success is largely based on picking the right moment to be a twat, a new study has found.

Woman gets f**king Easter card

A WOMAN has been left confused after receiving a fucking Easter card from her aunt.