Men under increasing pressure to become Nazis

MEN across the Western world are under intense social pressure to become Nazis, experts have claimed.

Twats planning something awful

THIS group of twats is working on something truly dreadful, it has emerged.

Flooding in new areas now a pre-Christmas tradition

FLOODING in places that have never suffered flooding before is now an annual pre-Christmas event, it has been confirmed.

Woman phones in sick with ‘post-truth’ excuse

A WOMAN has given a bullshit reason for not going to work because there is now no such thing as lying.

Fabric ravers to go mental within strict council guidelines

RAVERS at Fabric nightclub are to go mental within strict local authority guidelines.

Man thinks ‘special snowflake’ means anyone he disagrees with

A MAN is wrongly using the term ‘special snowflake’ to refer to anyone who does not share his mean-spirited opinions, it has emerged.

It would get the little prick out of the country, realises Britain

BRITAIN has realised there is an obvious upside to making Nigel Farage ambassador to the US.

Laptop user going to tough it out through cafe's busy period

A LAPTOP user in a cafe is determined to see off lunchtime customers who actually buy food.