Deranged behaviour fails to save relationship

A COUPLE are puzzled by how their unhinged, paranoid behaviour has failed to save their troubled relationship.

Big car to do 1,000mph for no f**king reason whatsoever

SOME people have designed a car that will reach 1,000mph for absolutely no reason.

Protesting is latest fad for middle class people who want to be different

MIDDLE CLASS people will spend the autumn protesting about things to prove they are not typically middle class.

Scottish thesaurus has 498,000 names to call the English

A NEW Scottish thesaurus contains almost half a million insulting racial epithets for the country's southern neighbours.

Woman refuses to accept that her cat is normal

A CAT owner is convinced that her pet is unique.

Company founded by Nazis risks damage to reputation

A CAR company founded by Nazis in 1937 is facing a public relations disaster.

Volkswagen owners retro-fitted with climate change denial

ELEVEN million VW drivers have been recalled to the factory to be fitted with scepticism about man-made global warming.

Richard Dawkins devolving

PROFESSOR Richard Dawkins is moving backward on the evolutionary ladder, it has emerged.