Woman doesn’t have to watch weight because everyone else does it for her

A WOMAN has abandoned watching her weight because her mother, boyfriend and work colleagues already have it covered.

'We earn £190K a year. Should we sell a child so we can buy another flat?'

The sheer cost of middle-class life in London means they can only afford one large house and one buy-to-let flat.

Charity launches National Smartphone Day

A CHARITY has launched a special day to raise awareness about underused smartphones.

Teacher recruitment crisis linked to millions of little bastards

SCHOOLS are struggling to fill teaching posts because the job involves being in the same room as children.

Community of lost Christmas shoppers discovered in Westfield

A WRETCHED group of last year’s Christmas shoppers has been found wandering London’s Westfield centre.

28-year-old asks when she can stop pretending to like nightclubs

A 28-YEAR-OLD woman has asked how many more years she has to spend pretending to like nightclubs.

Man’s library consists entirely of books off the telly

A MAN’S interest in literature is limited to  tie-ins with TV programmes.

Wearing jeans prevents you from getting old

WEARING denim can ward off old age and even prevent death altogether, it has emerged.