Rightmove confirmed as 'Tinder for married people'

COUPLES get their kicks from ogling period homes with plenty of character rather than hot single people, it has emerged.

Christian couple to wait until marriage before having threesome

A CHRISTIAN couple have agreed to wait until they are united in holy matrimony before having a threesome.

McDonald's identifies potentially lucrative 'bereaved kid' demographic

A MCDONALD'S marketing meeting has decided that bereaved children will probably want some burgers.

All craft beer tastes of metal

EVERY single fancy beer just tastes like a different type of metal, it has been confirmed.

Vegan scientists discover second topic of conversation 

VEGAN scientists have announced the discovery of something else they can talk about apart from their veganism.

Tory fears as fox spotted on top of horse

TORY fears of a brutal fox insurgency are growing  after one of them was spotted trying to ride a horse.

Relief as dads take charge of UK's cybersecurity

BRITAIN’S technologically challenged fathers believe they are dealing with the threat of more cyber-attacks.