Grown man dressing like Prince George

A 34-YEAR-OLD man is wearing the same outfits as three-year-old Prince George of Cambridge, his shocked colleagues have reported.

Women ‘may understand concept of models’

WOMEN do not need to be constantly reminded that ‘real women’ exist who are not fashion models, it has emerged.

Nobel prize winners begin ordeal of trying to explain their work to morons

THE winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics have begun a lifetime of trying to explain their work to idiots.

Investigation launched into who put Sonic Youth song on party playlist

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into who put a 12-minute Sonic Youth song onto a party playlist.

Middle class landlords warned over apologetic rent increases

MIDDLE class landlords are raising rents in apologetic ways designed to suggest it is not their fault, it has emerged.

Small towns just as good as cities for fighting

SMALL provincial towns provide just as many opportunities to have a fight as cities, it has been claimed.

Kind, loving couple inexplicably read Daily Mail

A NICE older couple inexplicably read the Daily Mail, it has emerged.

Group of arseholes in pub getting bigger

AN OBNOXIOUS group of after-work drinkers is getting larger, dismayed pub customers have noticed.