Adults living at home terrified of house price fall

PEOPLE living with their parents are dreading having to make their own way in the world, it has emerged.

Man who invested in Bitcoins almost able to explain what they are

A MAN who spent more than £50,000 on Bitcoins has embarked on a fresh attempt to explain them.

All fancy dress offensive

THE overall concept of fancy dress is offensive to adult humans, it has been claimed.

Narcissists finally get to have sex with themselves

A SEX app for Google Glass is being hailed as a revolution in narcissism.

Coronation Street urged to bring back specky little fat guy

THE producers of Coronation Street have been urged to bring back the little fat man with the bow tie and the glasses.

Angel told nun he was really into her

AN Italian nun has given birth following a visitation from an angel who made her feel like she was the only sister in the world.

Richest 85 to buy poorest 3.5 billion

THE world's richest people will purchase half the population in a deal worth trillions, it has been confirmed.

Primark creates clothing range for shoplifters

PRIMARK has launched a range of shoplifting attire with concealed pockets and other thief-friendly features.