Woman’s vegetarian fad passes 30-year mark

THE parents of a 45-year-old vegetarian woman are confident that she will soon start eating meat again.

Disney announces first animated film character who is not an annoying smart arse

DISNEY’S Frozen 2 will feature a character who is not constantly making snappy wise cracks, it has emerged.

Dad analysing Top Gear as if it were collected works of Shakespeare

58-YEAR-OLD Wayne Hayes has written over 100 pages of notes on the new Top Gear, it has emerged.

Daily Mail and Guardian discover they have the same father

THE Daily Mail and the Guardian have discovered that they share a biological father.

Furious 'cheese rollers' discover cheese also available from shops

‘CHEESE rolling’ participants in Gloucestershire are furious after discovering that cheese can simply be purchased from a shop.

Gorillas wearily accept that humans are just not that evolved

GORILLAS have confirmed they will continue to patiently tolerate the less evolved human species.

Stair gate stops child, dog and grandmother

A STAIR gate has proved to be a successful barrier to a baby, a pet dog and a grandmother.

Woman thrown out of bar for ordering non-artisan gin

A WOMAN has been ejected from a bar for not caring about the 400 different brands of gin on offer.