Mail Online journalist writing about a 'baby mama' had dreams once

THE writer of a Mail Online story about a 'baby mama' has said she once had dreams of doing something worthwhile.

Prehistoric man worried about getting on 'cave ladder'

OUR ancestors worried about the cave market and borrowed pelts to buy their dwellings, according to archaeologists.

Everyone lives in their own parallel universe

GROUNDBREAKING research has revealed that everyone inhabits their own personal universe which rarely intersects with others.

Annual Christmas card from people you don't know arrives

YOUR regular Christmas card from a couple you've never met has arrived.

It’s like ‘Event Horizon’ in there, say fog survivors

SURVIVORS of the London fog have revealed that 'some bad, freaky shit is happening in there'.

Tom Cruise is best man at every Scientology wedding

A COUPLE have won the legal right to be married in a British Scientology chapel, allowing Tom Cruise to be a best man for the 3,814th time.

Stolen Damien Hirst artworks 'easily replaced'

A PAINTER and decorator has offered to replace the two Damien Hirst artworks stolen from an art gallery.

Mars scientists make up fanciful back story for microbe

NASA scientists have concocted a story about 'Mark the microbe' to make Mars sound interesting.