Cameron excluded from cool G7 clique

THE most popular and good-looking leaders have formed a clique at the G7 summit without David Cameron.

Wales bans e-cigarettes because they are not manly

E-CIGARETTES have been banned in Wales as part of a crackdown on things that compromise masculinity.

Amazon workers competing to pack smallest thing in most gratuitously large box

WAREHOUSE staff at Amazon have an ongoing competition based on packing small items in extravagantly large boxes.

Woman thinks man is her friend

A 29-YEAR-OLD woman believes that a man with whom she regularly socialises is her friend.

Newspapers are not Facebook, Britain tells Kate

BRITAIN has told the Duchess of Cambridge that her pathetically sentimental baby photos should stay on Facebook where they belong.

Men under increasing pressure to have a craft ale brewery

MANY men are struggling with social pressure to have their own brewery selling imaginatively named beers, it has emerged.

Students reminded their degrees have no actual value

NEW graduates have been told that their degree certificate is only valuable in a figurative sense.

Kim Jong-un’s Charlotte Church crush only getting bigger

KIM Jong-un has admitted that all he can think about is Charlotte Church.