School photographs creepy because children are evil

CHILDREN look weird in school photographs because of their evil natures, it has emerged.

Women under increasing pressure to have dragons

WOMEN are facing pressure to have at least one baby dragon coiled on their bare shoulders, it has been claimed.

Man attempting to get massive bike on train

A MAN is attempting to get a large, high-tech bicycle on a small, crowded train.

Award-winning nature photograph shows humans having a fight

A STRIKING image of two humans fighting in a nightclub has won a major nature photography award.

90s generation living through revival of music they hated the first time

A GENERATION of music listeners are suffering through the revival of the house music they have already hated once.

Government bans hoverboards and going on about Back to the Future

THE government has banned hoverboards and enthusing about Back to the Future.

Woolly mammoth crowned Sexiest Extinct Species

THE woolly mammoth has beaten off stiff competition to be crowned the hottest animal that no longer exists.

To-do list includes basic bodily functions

AN OFFICE worker’s seemingly impressive to-do list includes ‘have lunch’ and ‘yawn several times', it has emerged.