Neighbourhood Watch uses spy plane to find out who watches foreign films

A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch group is using an unmanned drone to spy on local residents’ viewing habits.

Wonka stage role 'ideal for 1970s TV perverts'

THE perverts of the entertainment world are demanding the chance to audition for the role of Willy Wonka.

Glastonbury line-up chosen at random by a cat

THIS year’s Glastonbury acts were chosen entirely at random by organiser Michael Eavis’ cat, it has emerged.

BBC urged to stop apologising to every single weirdo

THE BBC needs to stop apologising every time some oddball writes a letter, it has been claimed.

Winter fuel cash for expats to be stopped because it's idiotic

RETIRED British expats in Southern Europe will no longer get winter fuel payments because it is an incredibly stupid thing that should never have happened, it has emerged.