Putin unveils enormous middle digit

VLADIMIR Putin has erected a 100­ft bronze flipped finger in the middle of Red Square.

Dinosaur farts to solve energy crisis

TIME-TRAVELLING scientists could solve the world's energy problems by harnessing dinosaurs' powerful methane emissions.

Organ donation via Draw Something launched

PLAYERS of the mobile game Draw Something can now donate their organs simply by sketching them on their smartphones.

World's female population listed in order of attractiveness

ALL the world's women have been ranked by looks in a new list of The World's Sexiest Three Billion Ladies.  

Cameron: I preferred Razzle to Knave

PRIME minister David Cameron has revealed his boyhood softcore porn preferences, including a penchant for 'grimy' Razzle.

French presidential candidates begin smoke-­off

PRESIDENT Nicolas Sarkozy and challenger Francois Hollande have commenced the long smoke­-off that will decide France's new leader.

Men not doing anything helpful until they get equal rights

MEN'S rights campaigners are refusing to lift a finger around the house until anti-male gender discrimination ends.

Swan reveals bone-breaking technique

BRITAIN'S most aggressive swan has explained the mysterious technique that allows his species to break your arm or leg.