Fat people should be 'encouraged' to hate themselves, say doctors

DOCTORS have called for a new approach to obesity which gently encourages overweight people to despise the very idea of themselves.

659 million people even worse than you thought

ALMOST 10 percent of the people on Earth are even worse than you had suspected.

Human brain basically a VHS recorder

THE most extensive scan of the human brain yet has revealed it is essentially a storage unit for highlights from The A Team.

Female panda 'just wants to stay friends'

THE UK's giant panda breeding hopes are in tatters after female Tian Tian announced she likes her prospective partner as a friend.

New owl created for menopausal craft enthusiasts

A NEW species of owl has been created for people who sell things on craft websites.

Carnival cruise passengers offered new identities

CRUISE passengers who endured the Carnival Triumph will be able to start a new life with a different name.