Thatcher cabinet to reform for London show

THE surviving members of Margaret Thatcher’s legendary second cabinet are to reunite for a spectacular show at London's O2 Arena.

Vatican reveals St Peter was only eight inches tall

THE Vatican has unveiled the tiny coffin of St Peter for the first time.

ITV working furiously on Terrahawks 30th anniversary special

ITV has pledged to knock-out a 30th anniversary tribute to its greatest-ever sci-fi show, Terrahawks.

Now! albums beg for death

THE Now! series of compilation albums, which reached its 86th installment last week, has begged to be allowed to die.

Men begin idly browsing Amazon for 'woman gift'

MEN have begun half-heartedly looking through Amazon in a bid to buy something appropriate for a female.

Kennedy ‘would have withdrawn from Vietnam but not women’

PRESIDENT John F Kennedy planned to pull-out of Vietnam but not giggly White House secretaries, it has been claimed.

Gibraltar ship was chartered by bored apes

APES frustrated by Gibraltar's lack of entertainment had hired a Spanish ship to get them off the rock, it has emerged.

Night bus 'final vomit' plans unveiled

EVERY London night bus will undertake a final 'puke parade' before being replaced by the 24-hour tube.