Britain still gripped by every twist and turn of Syria story

BRITAIN cannot hear enough about the Syrian conflict and has urged the media to report it in greater detail.

After Eight genius 'forgave those who put empty envelopes back in box'

BEFORE his death, Brian Sollitt, the inventor of the After Eight, forgave people who put the empty envelopes back in the box.

Prince William to set up PR agency

PRINCE William is to quit the armed forces and become a full-time public relations consultant.

School may as well start at 17 for all the difference it would make, say experts

THE official school starting age should be raised from five to 17 because we may as well, experts have claimed.

Freddy Krueger targeting sleep-deprived workers

OVERWORKED Britons are proving a rich hunting ground for vengeful spirit Freddy Krueger.

Miley Cyrus's tongue growing uncontrollably

MILEY Cyrus's tongue will soon be three times longer than her body, experts have warned.

Most people not the class they think they are

MOST Britons are not part of the social class they have always claimed they are, research has revealed.

Pope gives atheists permission to think

POPE Francis has allowed atheists to use their brains independently of God.