Mugabe to share power with Nick Clegg

ROBERT Mugabe has agreed to share the Zimbabwean presidency with Nick Clegg.

Twitter silence highlights misogyny and narcissism

A 24-HOUR Twitter boycott has highlighted the twin social evils of misogyny and narcissism.

New Doctor Who not going to have any science fiction elements

THE next series of Doctor Who is going to be about an actual doctor, the BBC has announced.

Men die of horniness in one-day heatwave

YESTERDAY'S 24-hour heatwave has claimed the lives of nine men who were overwhelmed by sex thoughts.

Camping for a week resets body clock to half-past insane

SPENDING a week in a tent is long enough for you to believe that it was actually a good idea in the first place.

Edinburgh scientists to capture precise moment when performer's spirit breaks

SCIENTISTS are visiting Edinburgh to photograph the exact moment at which a festival performer's spirit breaks.

Camerons are 'clingy holiday friends'

A HOLIDAYING couple are trying to shake off the Camerons.

World beyond smartphone screen just a dull blur

HUMANS experience the world as a sequence of vague backdrops surrounding their phone screen, it has emerged.