Age of consent to have upper limit

SEX with people older than 61 is to be made illegal in the UK.

Boss demands successful viral for boring project

A BOSS has demanded that his staff create a wildly successful viral video for a boring business idea.

Skateboard not a mode of transport

ADULT skateboarders have been urged to stop pretending a plank on wheels can get them from A to B.

'The Abba Murders' to be pinnacle of Scandinavian pop culture

A BLEAK crime drama starring Abba will be the ultimate event in Scandinavian popular culture, it has been claimed.

A & E introduces leech tier

A & E DEPARTMENTS are to offer an 'express tier' of medieval-style leech treatment.

Hundreds of lost indie bands found in Camden Lock

MORE than 300 indie bands have been discovered in Camden Lock after it was drained for repairs.

Man appreciates women's buttocks on a feminist level

31-YEAR-OLD Tom Logan has discovered he enjoys women's buttocks from a feminist perspective.

Prince Charles 'an inspiration to people who've wasted their lives'

THE Prince of Wales has been hailed as a hero by people who feel they've done nothing with their lives.