Pop music now aimed at middle-aged male perverts

40-PLUS male perverts are the target demographic for modern pop music, it has emerged.

Popeye strong to the finish because of monkey hormone injections

SAILOR Popeye has admitted that his immense upper body strength is not the result of a spinach-heavy diet.

Seagulls running everything

SEAGULLS have been humankind's masters for the past three decades, it has emerged.

Old Terminator needs constant reboots

A NEW Terminator movie will star Arnold Schwarzenegger as an outdated robot assassin plagued by frustrating software problems.

Prehistoric baby names trend sees 'Trog' and Gor' make a comeback

RETRO baby names from the early 20th century have been exhausted, creating a trend for prehistoric-sounding options like Ung-Gaah.