Bieber-fever a sexually transmitted disease, say experts

'BIEBER fever' is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, scientists have confirmed.

Tories to treat you like children too

IT is not just the Labour Party who wants to treat you like a three year-old child, it has emerged.

People still unsure how banks work

THE £6.5m bonus paid to Barclays chief Bob Diamond was last night criticised by people with no real grasp of capitalism.

Everything boring except computers

THINGS that are not computers are little more than a tedious diversion from computers, according to new research.

International Women's Day offers new chances for sex

MEN across the world are celebrating International Women's Day in the hope of having it off with a feminist.

Police cuts to hit areas where they don't do anything anyway

CUTS to police numbers will hit hardest in areas where the chances of them actually doing anything have always been remarkably slim, it has emerged.

Letting Prince Andrew do something turns out to be bad idea

GIVING Prince Andrew a high-profile public role has somehow failed to be a success, it has emerged.

Prescott becoming part of society, warn experts

JOHN Prescott is manoeuvring himself gradually into the mainstream of British society, it was warned last night.