Fear of spoilers now greater than fear of death

BRITONS are more scared of accidentally discovering plot details of American TV series than they are of dying.

Everyone off the telly to become some sort of 'tsar'

THE government has announced plans to give everyone off the telly an advisory role, because it believes you find that sort of thing impressive.

Office jobs ‘much worse’ than manual labour

OFFICE jobs are actually more stressful and unpleasant than manual labour, research has revealed.

Middle lane voted 'best lane'

THE middle lane has been voted British Motorway Lane of the Year.

Check Your Privilege 'obviously a colossal pile of twat'

THE requirement to 'Check Your Privilege' before saying anything is one of the most obviously toss-ridden things yet, experts have confirmed.

Students at top state schools mostly middle class parents

MOST students at desirable state schools are actually middle class parents in disguise as their children.