Ireland urged to join the 19th Century

A LANDMARK EU court ruling could propel Ireland headlong into the middle of the 19th century.

33 year-old man has genuinely high expectations of Tron: Legacy

SALES executive Tom Logan is genuinely looking forward to seeing Tron: Legacy, it emerged last night.

Trends more fashionable than ever

THE latest fashions are trendier than ever and look set to be the in-thing, experts have confirmed.

Brian Thompson named Butcher And Meat Wholesaler's 'man of the year'

BRIAN Thompson, the Grantham butcher who set up a website, has been chosen as 'Man of the Year' by Butcher and Meat Wholesaler magazine.

Post office could close unless elderly man moves away from counter

A POST office could be forced to close unless 83-year-old Roy Hobbs accepts that he doesn't have the correct documents to renew his car tax.

Students threaten to re-animate the Levellers

STUDENT activists have warned politicians that they are prepared to unleash 90s crusty-rock favourites The Levellers in their battle against reality.

Ainsworth a 'world class LSD fiend'

FORMER defence secretary Bob Ainsworth was today accused of backing the legalisation of drugs so that he can feed his insatiable desire for psychedelic freak-outs.

NHS reform to work this time

THE government is to press ahead with massive structural changes to the NHS because this time it is obviously going to work.