Scientists unveil half-doughnut cow

THE 'cownut' is the latest advance in humanity's quest for doughnut variants.

Iguana named sexiest lizard alive

THREE-YEAR-OLD iguana Nikki Hollis has been named sexiest lizard alive by men's magazine Esquire.

Nobel Prize for YouTube comments shortlist announced

THE Nobel committee has selected the potential winners of this year's YouTube comments prize.

Doctor Who fans say new old episodes not as good as old old episodes

FANS of Doctor Who have slammed rediscovered episodes of the show for being old in a new way.

GCHQ codebreakers working on personalised number plates

CRYPTANALYSTS at Britain's spy HQ are devoting most of their resources to cracking personalised number plates.

E-cigarettes reclassified as adult dummies

ELECTRONIC cigarettes are to be classified as adult nipple substitutes.

Pensioners incapable of pronouncing 'chorizo'

ELDERLY people cannot say chorizo without inserting a 't' sound, it has emerged.

Crying now meaningless

THE act of shedding tears has been made emotionally meaningless by The X Factor.