That flower was gagging for it, says bee

A BEE has described giving a good-looking purple flower the pollinating of its life.

All the good shit in storage

ALL of Britain's best stuff is in storage, according to a new survey.

All TripAdvisor reviews written by same weird man

ALL the reviews on TripAdvisor have been written by a single socially-isolated misfit.

Pretentious cafés won't do full English despite having all the ingredients

ABOVE-THEMSELVES cafes are refusing to offer a fry up, even though they have all the ingredients on their pretentious menu.

111 rescued by nosy interfering old women

THE NHS's non-emergency helpline is to be staffed by overly-inquistive old women.

Mysterious humming noise 'made by dads'

THE mysterious humming noise heard around the world is dads attempting to replicate popular music.