Man with ‘eclectic’ musical taste unable to name single artist he likes

A MAN claiming to appreciate a wide range of music has been unable to name a specific act or album that he likes.

Middle-aged velociraptors remembering the Jurassic Park good times

THE release of Jurassic World has seen middle-aged bespectacled velociraptors reminiscing about starring in its predecessor.

Butter fans accuse John Lydon of selling out

FANS of Country Life butter have accused their hero John Lydon of selling his soul to corporate consumerism.

Children told they will watch The Clangers and like it

PARENTS have ordered their children to love the new series of The Clangers or find somewhere else to live.

Youth gangs warring over best streaming service

GANGS wearing the colours of Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and Tidal are battling for supremacy on the streets.

Kate Moss launches world’s first debauched airline

MODEL Kate Moss has launched partyJet, an airline that encourages passengers to get wasted.

Cameron excluded from cool G7 clique

THE most popular and good-looking leaders have formed a clique at the G7 summit without David Cameron.

Wales bans e-cigarettes because they are not manly

E-CIGARETTES have been banned in Wales as part of a crackdown on things that compromise masculinity.