'Third class' rail carriage inspired by Hell

RAIL bosses have used ancient depictions of Hell as inspiration for a new tier of train service.

Drones feel excluded from army life

UNMANNED drones have described being made to feel 'different' and 'inferior' by army comrades.

Texas struggling with life under communism

TEXAS is now a communist state following the re-election of Barack Obama, it has emerged.

Jungle bikini celebrity has a penis

FANS of I'm A Celebrity... are in shock after a breast owner was revealed to have a penis.

Dragonriders ‘get most job satisfaction’

THE top career for job satisfaction is being a dragonrider in the fantasy world of Nazgar, according to a survey.

'Survival of the thickest' now a reality, say scientists

CHANGES in human evolution mean that only idiots will continue to thrive, it has been claimed.