UK to leave whatever it joins after leaving EU

SENIOR Tories have backed a referendum on Britain leaving whatever international set-up it joins after quitting the European Union.

Game of Thrones to reach its climax in 2468

CURRENT fans of TV fantasy epic Game of Thrones will die several hundred years before it concludes.

The Smiths release banging club anthem

THE Smiths have recorded an uplifting commercial dance anthem to mark their 30th anniversary.

McDonald's buys rights to 'summer babies'

BABIES born in summer will be handed over to McDonald's when they reach 13 years of age.

Savile's relationship with police 'only looked horribly corrupt'

JIMMY Savile's relationship with West Yorkshire Police could have seemed corrupt to the untrained eye, according to an official report.

Prince Charles injured by heavy irony

PRINCE Charles is recovering in hospital after a big lump of science-related irony hit him on the head.