'£4.80 windfall ruined my life'

MINIMUM wage worker Tom Logan believes the extra £4.80 he earned yesterday nearly ended up destroying him.

Vince Cable really into The Wanted

VINCE Cable criticised One Direction because he loves The Wanted, it has emerged.

Beliebers wondering if Nazi persecution would change their taste in pop stars

JUSTIN Bieber fans are today debating if they would still like the Canadian superstar if they were hiding from Nazis in an attic.

Thatcher wigs sell out across UK

ARDENT Thatcher fans are snapping up replicas of her famous hairstyle.

Compromise version of 'Ding Dong' to be sung by Leonard Cohen

A COMPROMISE has been reached to help Britain solve its Ding Dong the Witch is Dead problem.

Middle class man convinced builders like him

A MIDDLE-CLASS man thinks he has a rapport with the people building his extension.