Age at which it is socially acceptable to smoke cannabis raised to 52

THE social stigma against smoking pot into middle age has been officially lifted.

Home workers spend all day laughing at you

HOME workers spend up to 85 per cent of their working day laughing spitefully at anyone stupid enough to be in an office.

Ibiza attracts record number of morons

PARTY island Ibiza is enjoying a bumper season with over 900,000 morons flying in.

Twitter abusers' mums urged to throw them out

THE mothers of men behind Twitter rape threats are being urged to boot them out of the parental home where they inevitably live.

King's Cross transformed into drug-free hellhole

THE King's Cross area of London has been transformed into a ghastly business centre where drugs and dirty sex can no longer be purchased openly.

We don't get any aid, says president of Bongobongoland

BONGOBONGOLAND last night insisted it has never received a penny in international aid.