This particular hurricane isn't God's judgement, say swivel-eyed preachers

HURRICANE Sandy is just an unfortunate bout of bad weather, according to America's right-wing clerics.

BBC to investigate Pugwash rumours

THE BBC is to launch a £10m probe into claims of sexually suggestive language in its 1970s cartoons.

Attenborough filmed us having sex, say animals

BBC star David Attenborough regularly filmed animals copulating, it has been claimed.

Remaining dregs of your pension fund to be set on fire

WHATEVER is still left of your pension fund is to be taken to a greenfield site on the edge of your town and burned.

Going out still not horrible enough

A TYPICAL night out in the UK is still not unpleasant enough, according to most British people.

Decriminalise crime, says prisoners' party

PRISON inmates have set up their own political party in preparation for getting the vote.