Lottery price rise 'an unfair tax on the stupid'

DOUBLING the cost of a lottery ticket to £2 represents a tax on idiots, it has been claimed.

Blockbuster blames plucky local film shop

CORPORATE entertainment behemoth Blockbuster has lost its 14-year battle with quirky local film shop 'Cinephiles'.

M & M's World now a totalitarian state

THE chocolate citizens of M & M's World are living under a brutal totalitarian regime, it has emerged.

Scientists discover crabs can swear

CRABS are capable of verbalising obscenities, it has emerged.

Britain told to get used to horse burgers

BRITAIN should not be too fussy about eating horses, economists have warned.

Experts warn that e-cigarettes are not cool

SMOKING electronic cigarettes may harm your image, according to experts.

Queen 'can veto Prime Ministerial urination'

THE Queen's powers include the right to veto the prime minister's toilet habits, it has emerged.