UK morgues full of unconscious people

BRITAIN'S mortuaries are full of people who are probably just really badly hurt, according to new research.

UK shale gas could last as long as a spaniel

THE UK's shale gas reserves could last as long as the average lifespan of a springer spaniel.

Apple launches insipid music service

APPLE fans are to get a 24-hour stream of the dull, insipid folk and 'electronica' that they like via iTunes radio.

NSA admits it created internet so it could spy on it

THE US National Security Agency has revealed it created the internet after realising it would make spying a much easier job.

Holiday weather shrouded in lies and secrecy

HOLIDAY weather is the main source of dishonesty in the UK, say researchers.

Mandela and Prince Philip exchange sarcastic 'get well soon' cards

NELSON Mandela and Prince Philip have sent each other 'get well' messages dripping with poisonous sarcasm.