Britain not a smouldering heap, proclaim Cameron and Clegg

BRITAIN has not been reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland, populated by insane cannibals,  it has been confirmed.

Sun 'double bluffing' Argentina into war

THE Sun's open letter to Argentina is a double bluff to deliver the paper's dream of a second Falklands war, it has emerged.

Slobbery dog blanket valued at $12 billion

AN old blanket that has been lining a dog's basket is worth $12 billion, it has emerged.

'Maim colleague' is top New Year's resolution

MILLIONS of professionals are beating the back-to-work blues by vowing to maim a colleague or supervisor at some point in 2013.

How to do a hand transplant

YOU don't need to be a so-called 'expert' to re-attach a hand, according to the Institute for Studies.