Guardian Soulmates officially the middle class Page 3

THE Guardian website's dating section is Page 3 for middle earners, it has been confirmed.

Legal high industry running out of names

THE legal high industry is facing crisis as the stock of cool names for drugs approaches exhaustion.

London property market based on people pretending grim places are great

A SHIT flat in London now costs £500,000 thanks to widespread delusion about whether a property is really depressing.

Britain’s top aggro destinations revealed

A TOURISM body has produced a list of Britain’s best destinations for aggressive, anti-social behaviour.

Moths struggling with light addiction

LIGHT addiction is leaving thousands of moths unable live normal lives.

Drunk man at bar not lying about being a surgeon

THE pisshead you met at the weekend was telling the truth when he claimed to be a top surgeon.

Men still have feelings for Gillian Anderson

BRITAIN'S men never really got over Gillian Anderson, it has emerged.