Razzle 'more culturally significant than Playboy'

LEADING thinkers have questioned Playboy's status as the world's most culturally relevant pornographic magazine.

Dentists hail return of Saab

DENTAL surgeons are excited at the prospect of being able to buy Saab cars again.

Undercover reporters messing up your Amazon order

THOUSANDS of Amazon orders will be incorrect because its warehouses are mostly staffed by undercover journalists.

First-time buyers advised to not bother

ANYONE struggling to buy a house has been advised to give the whole nightmare as wide a berth as possible.

Call for all buildings to look like vaginas

ALL buildings should look at least vaguely like a vagina, it has been agreed.

Duchess wows easily-wowed crowd

THE Duchess of Cambridge has wowed people by arriving at a location in some clothes.

Cats purr when sexually aroused

CATS purr because being stroked makes them really horny, it has emerged.

Student debt to be reclaimed in Betty Blue posters

GRADUATES with loan debts must hand over their Betty Blue posters, it has been announced.