Phone hacking not right-wing

HACKING a mobile phone is not the same as opposing gay marriage, it has emerged.

Society to be dismantled following Savile scandal

RUPERT Murdoch is to assume control of England in the wake of revelations about the DJ Jimmy Savile.

Bond producers defend piles cream in Skyfall

JAMES Bond fans have voiced concern over the product placement of Preparation H in Skyfall.

Watchdog to investigate Cash in the Attic

The Watchdog probe was launched amid claims that an episode of Cash in the Attic was dropped because that week's attic belonged to Jimmy Savile.

46% of middle class children raised by monkeys

BUSY parents are increasingly relying on primates to provide childcare, it has emerged.

Recession 'not source of misery after all'

THE end of the recession has failed to bring widespread joy.

Creative people likely to suffer from pretentiousness

ARTISTIC people are prone to being full of shit, according to a new study.