Eggs to buy Twitter

THE forthcoming Twitter flotation is set to attract massive investment from the social network's thriving egg community.

Netflix unveils half a million new film genres

STREAMING service Netflix has added new film categories including Upbeat Nocturnal Mammal Docu-Romance and Fanciful Tramp Comedy.

Struggling badger cull may switch to cats

THE government cull may switch to cats as badgers are quite hard to kill.

Right-wing BBC launched

THE BBC has announced new channel BBC Right One, aimed at right-wing viewers.

Miliband unveils first energy price increase

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has announced the first of his promised hikes in the price of gas and electricity.

New MI5 boss seems really paranoid

BRITONS are worried that the head of MI5 seems really paranoid about terrorism.

Miley Cyrus either having a meltdown or that is just normal now

POP star Miley Cyrus is either having a total meltdown or conforming to modern social norms, according to experts.

Higgs spends Nobel money on pimped-out SUV

NOBEL Prize recipient Peter Higgs has spent his prize money on a customised lilac sports utility vehicle.