Breaking Bad a front for crystal meth manufacture

THE laboratory in hit TV series Breaking Bad was actually making crystal methamphetamine, it has emerged.

Prince Charles thinks Queen is Mother Nature

PRINCE Charles thinks 'Mother Nature' and his mother the Queen are the same thing, it has emerged.

Britain gets 24-hour music amnesty

FANS of unforgivable shit have been given a chance to hand in their CDs.

Humanity virus almost cured, says planet

PLANET Earth is celebrating after a major breakthrough in its battle against the deadly humanity virus.

John Lewis bonus paid in garlic presses and glass paperweights

JOHN Lewis has announced that its 17% staff bonuses will be paid in the form of non-essential household accessories.

'Mum hair' actually designed to ward off men

MIDDLE-AGED mothers get that 'interesting' short haircut so men will leave them alone, it has been confirmed.

You are not a PhD astrophysicist

JUST watching a lot of BBC4 does not make you a qualified astrophysicist, it has been claimed.

Rihanna treats fans to internal organ snaps

POP singer Rihanna has treated fans to MRI scans of her internal organs.