Woman who 'speaks as she finds' could also 'shut the f**k up'

A WOMAN does not actually have to give her candid opinion in a blunt and tactless way, it has emerged.

Britons only able to let go emotionally when barmaid breaks a glass

BRITONS are only able to express their true emotional state when a pub worker drops a tray of glasses, it has been confirmed.

Scientists unlock the secrets of cat swearing

CATS have a complex system of cat swear words, researchers have discovered.

Look at this photo and be grateful, you scum, Britain told

BRITAIN has been ordered to look at this delightful photograph and thank the Royal Family for existing.

Child who wanted pet given fish instead

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD who wanted a pet has been bought a goldfish as a stop-gap measure.

Beautiful pair of high heels to be stuffed in handbag by 8.30pm 

A STUNNING pair of designer heels will be too unbearable to wear an hour into a night out, their owner has confirmed.

Dad takes everything out of shed and puts it back in again

A FATHER-OF-TWO removed every item in his shed then put them back again for some reason, it has emerged.  

Five totally unrealistic career paths to waste your life on

WHY waste your life in a boring office job when you can waste your life chasing a much more exciting job you’ll never actually get to do?