Man admits breaking into family's home to do BBC Skype interview

A MAN whose BBC interview was interrupted by a family has admitted breaking into their house to use their broadband.

Man who stayed in missed greatest night out of all time

A MAN who decided to stay in has missed the greatest night out in the history of nights out, it has emerged.

Grown woman pays money for handstand classes

A GROWN-UP woman has admitted she is paying to learn how to do handstands.

'Street food' incredibly expensive for something that's meant to be off the street, say experts

PLACES that sell 'street food' do not have 'street prices', it has been confirmed.

Woman in art gallery just guessing how long to stand in front of each painting

A WOMAN at an art exhibition admitted she does not know how long to stand in front of each picture and is having to guess.

20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer perfect time to admit it was a load of toss

TWENTY years on from the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, many of its viewers are ready to admit for the first time that it was nothing but toss.

Old lady in supermarket’s reduced section will drop you for 6p pack of sausage rolls

AN 87-YEAR-OLD in Tesco’s reduced section will end you if you get between her and a 6p pack of sausage rolls, she has asserted.

Last adult onesie destroyed in controlled explosion

THE last remaining all-in-one adult garment in the UK has been blown to smithereens in front of a cheering crowd.