Friends suspect man may be lying about the North

SOUTHERN friends of a man from the North  suspect he is lying about how gritty yet welcoming the region is, they have revealed.

A fascinating glimpse inside the Queen’s private sitting room

A RARE image of the monarch’s personal world shows she enjoys many familiar creature comforts.

Thatcher's clothes to be sold off to millionaire men who will wear them

BARONESS Thatcher's iconic outfits are to be auctioned off to old, rich men who will put them on in front of full-length mirrors.

Fog inspires shit poem

A MAN has written a poor quality poem about the fog.

As yet unmade series of Star Trek is shit, say Trekkies

STAR Trek fans have confirmed the new series of the show is a disgrace, six months before it begins filming.

Ex-raver dad delivers unconvincing drugs chat

A FATHER who used to take loads of Ecstasy has warned his teenage son of the perils of drugs.

Bear Grylls attempting to survive London on average salary

BEAR Grylls’ latest challenge is to live in London while earning £12.50 an hour.

Dad presses fog lights button as if deploying spy weapon

A 45-YEAR-OLD man has turned on his fog lights in the manner of a spy firing an under-bonnet machine gun.