Prince Harry To Be Sent To Ascot

ARMY chiefs are reviewing their decision to send Prince Harry to Iraq and are now expected to send the Royal soldier to Ascot instead.

Ascot could be the making of the young prince

Brigadier Norman MacLean, deputy Chief of the General Staff, said: "This is not about special treatment.

"Lieutenant Windsor can expect his skills to be tested to the full.

"He has spent the last three years spending other people's money in dozens of bars and clubs up and down the Fulham Road before being tipped into the back of an armoured Range Rover. He's ready."

Brigadier MacLean added: "Ascot is a demanding environment. It will be hot and uncomfortable. The morning coat, waistcoat and top hat will be stifling

"Around every corner he will have to decide 'is this a threat or an opportunity?'"

The third in line to the throne has been warned that Ascot will be just the first stage in a grueling tour of duty expected to take in Wimbledon, the Henley Regatta and the British Grand Prix.