Apple To Charge $2000 For Shit In A Box

APPLE boss Steve Jobs yesterday unveiled the computer giant's latest eye-catching innovation: one of his shits in a simple white box.

The box has clean, simple lines and contains a shit

The billionaire pioneer said he was inspired after the company developed the world's thinnest laptop computer. 

“We took most of the useful things out of it and doubled the price. The early demand has been incredible.

“I was then struck by an amazing idea: How much would you pay for one of my shits in a box?”

Jobs said that the first 100 shits will be his, but because of his busy schedule most of the mass market shits will be built in the Far East and carry his personal endorsement.

Carl Knutz, an early adopter of San Andreas, California, said he would pay $1,999 for the shit, but only if it was ultra-slim and back-lit and unable to run the most commonly available software programmes.

He said: “I want a shit in a box that sets me apart from the crowd and tells people that I am young, hip, and creative.”

Bobby Killitz, 23, also of San Andreas, said he would hold on to see if Steve Jobs would produce a cheaper shit later this year after the initial frenzy had died down.

He said: “I think within six months he will either halve the price of the shit or lay two of his logs in there for the same price. He’s pulled that kind of trick before.”