InstaKiller photo app launched

A NEW app has been launched that makes everyday pictures look like photos from a serial killer’s wall.

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Using a series of colour filters, focal length algorithms and forensic technology people can recreate their own eerily blank-eyed family photos and blurred close-ups of something red with human hair and fragments of teeth in it.

Developer Wayne Hayes said: “With ‘Gacy’, ‘West’ and the default ‘Lorry Driver’ settings, everyone can have their Facebook timelines look like the opening credits to Se7en. It’s the banality of evil app for everybody from eight to 80.

“‘Gacy’ makes your friends look like badly-painted clowns and ‘West’ gives everybody a pair of mutton chops and adds a large, malevolent-looking wife into the photo.

“The lorry driver setting was the most challenging as it subtly adds in a piece of rolled-up carpet into the background of your shot that should remain unnoticed for several months until a jogger or dog walker is looking at your photo.”

Hayes has promised add-on features will be available as new rivers are dredged and basements dug up, as well as introducing ‘classic’ features such as the ‘Manson’ which will daub ‘Helter Skelter’ onto the background walls of pictures.

The app is currently only available for Android phones so Hayes can focus on his target market of weird, disaffected loners.

InstaKiller fan Roy Hobbs said: “The way it cuts the eyes out of photos and replaces them with jagged holes is really quite clever and I particularly like the slide show option, which blankly intones ‘Do you see?’ between each picture.”