Science & Technology

Experts warn that e-cigarettes are not cool

SMOKING electronic cigarettes may harm your image, according to experts.

Earth is 17 billionth on 'desirable planets' list

EARTH is the worst of 17 billion similar planets, according to a universe-wide survey.

Microsoft perfects technology nobody wants to steal

YOU don't have to worry about anyone wanting to steal your Microsoft tablet, the corporation has claimed.

How to do a hand transplant

YOU don't need to be a so-called 'expert' to re-attach a hand, according to the Institute for Studies.

Poor people to be operated by remote control

POOR people are to be operated remotely like an unmanned drone, the government has announced.

Scientists isolate 'the vibe'

THE elusive feeling that makes a party really happen has been isolated and analysed by scientists, it has emerged.