Science & Technology

Science over

SCIENCE is officially over after reaching its ultimate goal of hangover-free alcohol.

Splashback avoidable by urinating in the sink, say male scientists

MALE researchers into the problem of 'splashback' have advised urinating in the sink.

Tablet computers 'under too much pressure to be thin'

TABLET computers have attacked their makers' obsession with slender bodies.

Everyone urged to pretend HS2 is a good idea

THE government is calling for a consensus on pretending a new high speed rail link will not be a gigantic waste of money.

New browser knows when you are drunk

A NEW internet browser automatically prevents users doing stupid things due to alcohol.

Middle-aged people obsessed with leather phone cases

BRITAIN'S middle-aged people simply cannot get enough of leather smartphone cases.

Everyone to be given a lump of uranium

DAVID Cameron is to reduce energy prices by giving every household a lump of radioactive material.

Lidl launches £12.99 tablet

BUDGET supermarket Lidl has unveiled a tablet computer costing under thirteen pounds.