Science & Technology

Apple and Samsung to marry

APPLE and Samsung have announced the world’s first corporate wedding.

Cigarette that kills non-smokers launched

A NEW type of cigarette transfers its negative health effects to the nearest non-smoker.

4G phones capable of everything

THERE is nothing 4G phones cannot do, it has emerged.

BBC Micro computers behaved inappropriately with children

THOUSANDS of BBC Micro computers tricked their way into schools in the 80s, it has emerged.

Siri scared by Ceefax termination

VOICE recognition system Siri plans to raise its game following the demise of fellow lame tech-thing Ceefax.

Cockney whale stuns scientists

A BELUGA whale has developed the amazing ability to speak in fluent cockney.

Windmills preferred to cracking open the Earth's crust

GENTLY turning windmills are better than cracking open the Earth's crust in pursuit of billions of tonnes of exploding gas, according to new research.

Apple launches replacement eyes

TECHNOLOGY giant Apple has created a range of bionic eyes for users suffering chronic retinal fatigue.