Science & Technology

Peter Hitchens urged to try teensy bit of meth

PETER Hitchens, the anti-drugs journalist, has been urged to try the teensiest bit of methamphetamine to prove his theory that addiction does not exist.

Large Hadron Collider to monitor nanoscopic amount of work done this week

CERN SCIENTISTS are using the most sensitive instrumentation in existence to discover if any work is done in the week before Christmas.

Prehistoric man worried about getting on 'cave ladder'

OUR ancestors worried about the cave market and borrowed pelts to buy their dwellings, according to archaeologists.

Everyone lives in their own parallel universe

GROUNDBREAKING research has revealed that everyone inhabits their own personal universe which rarely intersects with others.

Mars scientists make up fanciful back story for microbe

NASA scientists have concocted a story about 'Mark the microbe' to make Mars sound interesting.

Comic Relief building huge cannon to fire Lenny Henry into Somalia

COMIC Relief will soon have the ability to launch strategic comedians.

Public ‘nowhere near ready’ for reversible USB

PEOPLE are today trying to comprehend the ‘reversible’ version of an object known to most as ‘thing’.

Brain study gives men and women new ways to blame each other

A GROUND-breaking study into male and female brain function will make arguments even easier to start.