Science & Technology

Fathers pretend to want internet porn ban

A PROPOSED new service to block internet porn has met with fake enthusiasm from fathers.

Battery-powered book a surprise hit

A TYPE of book with a battery has proved popular despite being pointless.

Zuckerberg to basically live in your house

THE new Facebook App Store will provide a bewildering number of ways in which Mark Zuckerberg can move in with you, it has emerged.

Dinosaur farts to solve energy crisis

TIME-TRAVELLING scientists could solve the world's energy problems by harnessing dinosaurs' powerful methane emissions.

Organ donation via Draw Something launched

PLAYERS of the mobile game Draw Something can now donate their organs simply by sketching them on their smartphones.

European probe heading for Jupiter or thereabouts

A BET-HEDGING European space probe will aim for Jupiter, but if it ends
up on a moon or Saturn that would also be considered fine.

Hurry up, evolution told

SOCIETY has asked the process of evolution if it could pull its finger out.

Titanic II billionaire also commissions remote controlled-iceberg

THE super-rich magnate behind the new Titanic is also making a
life-sized replica of the original iceberg, amid fears he may be totally