Science & Technology

Taxi Driver Brains Have Inbuilt Capacity To Bore You Shitless

THE brains of taxi drivers have an inbuilt natural ability to bore the shit out of you, according to new research. 

Carnage as Facebook moves everything slightly to the left

HOSPITALS were struggling to cope last night as rival Facebook gangs fought running battles across a dozen British towns and cities.

Fatboy Slim Looks Nothing Like Johnny Ball

SUPERSTAR DJ Fatboy slim bears no resemblance whatsoever to his father-in-law, it was confirmed last night.

Grammar pedants fewer interesting

GRAMMAR enthusiasts which point out everyday errors are much fewer interesting compared than normal people, according to researchers.

I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Says International Space Station

THE International Space Station has gone crazy and all the astronauts are in mortal danger, NASA confirmed last night.

Giant Pineapple Is Trying To Kill Me, Reveals Charles

PRINCE Charles has demanded a ban on genetically modified crops after the latest attempt on his life by an enormous piece of fruit.

Early Roman Computer Used To Express Worthless Classical Opinions

A 2,000-year-old computer found in a Roman shipwreck was mainly used for asserting worthless classical opinions, scientists have learned. 

F22 Raptor Also A Camera

THE new F22 Raptor stealth fighter can now store up to 25,000 songs and features a class leading 6.2 megapixel camera, built-in.