Punching a clown may be best medicine, say experts


THE benefits of laughter pale into insignificance compared to the well-being generated by punching a clown in the face, according to new research.

Punching a sad clown is twice as good

While laughter promotes the release of endorphins and raises the subject’s general level of happiness, research subjects were even happier if they were allowed to set about someone who calls themselves ‘Mr. Wiggles’ and drives a car that falls apart.

Dr Eleanor Shaw, from the Institute for Studies, said: “It has long been postulated that punching a clown right in his greasepainted, bobble-nosed face would be really, really good. Now we have the data.”

The experiments used two groups, with one watching classic comedy while their heart rates and pupil-dilation were monitored, and the chemical activity in their brains was measured with an electroencephalograph.

The second group were allowed to twat a clown.

Those subjects who had watched the comedy clips had an enhanced resilience to pain and a fractional increase in confidence, while the clown punchers just felt fantastic.

It is believed the genetic predisposition towards wanting to twat clowns goes back to early human societies.

Shaw said: “Cave paintings in the Dordogne show three figures chasing another figure which seems to have elongated feet.”

Shaw and her team are now planning to beat up a mime artist with a cricket bat.

Asked if this would strengthen her theory, she added: “Yeah. Why not? Whatever.”


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