Oxford 'has enough black students for Earth, Wind and Fire tribute band'


OXFORD University has dismissed accusations of discrimination insisting it has enough black students for a full-scale tribute to Earth, Wind and Fire.

Oxford described itself as a 'centre of excellence for that big, funky sound'

The university hit back after prime minister David Cameron said black applicants were being hauled off buses at the city boundaries and told to be on their way.

But now the 6,000 year-old institution is to answer its critics with a free concert paying homage to the epic Chicago funkmeisters.

Sir Denys Finch-Hatton, bursar of Manning College, said: “I have spoken to my fellow bursars and it seems we currently have 11 of them between us.

“This means we can accurately recreate Earth, Wind and Fire from their late 1970s heyday.”

He added: “Oxford University is, has been and always will be a Boogie Wonderland.”

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron rejected claims that his assault on the university was yet another pathetically transparent attempt to appease the sort of metropolitan liberals who wouldn’t urinate on him if he had been set on fire by Peter Hitchens.

He said: “When I was at Oxford there was only one black chap. We called him Winston, but I don’t think that was his real name.

“He taught me how to jiggle and I was proud to call him ‘friend’.

“He’s probably in jail now. What a pity.”


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