Joy as grown man falls off skateboard

BRITAIN was cheered yesterday as a man on a skateboard fell hard on his face while trying to ‘ollie’ up a kerb.

Two Waitrose shoppers trapped in endless ‘no, after you’ loop

TWO shoppers have become trapped in the doorway of their local Waitrose with both insisting the other goes through first.

Adults who say 'sleeps' instead of 'days' told to pack it the f**k in

ADULTS who think it is quirky and fun to use words like ‘sleeps’ and ‘holibobs’ have been told to just stop it.

Man working up courage to use middle urinal

A MAN is trying to find the courage to urinate between two strangers.

Brexit riots ‘would be shittest riots ever’

ANY riots caused by Brexit being cancelled or watered down would be extremely poor quality, experts believe.

Woman planning 'baby shower' reminded it's a load of American bullshit

A PREGNANT woman who is planning to have a 'baby shower' has been reminded this is not America and it is therefore bullshit.

44-year-old thinks he deserves birthday party

A MAN is so full of himself he believes he deserves a party to celebrate his 44th birthday.

Public relations executive keeps insisting she's working class

A PUBLIC relations executive keeps telling people she is somehow 'working class', it has emerged.