Woman sure that drunkenly trimming her own fringe will end well

A WOMAN has made the drunken decision that she can trim her own fringe just as well as any fancy hairdresser.

Oh just f**k off, say women

WOMEN sick of being criticised for all of their life choices, have told everyone to go fuck themselves.

‘It’s really the kids who teach me’ says clearly unqualified teacher

A SCHOOL is investigating a teacher who said he ‘learns more from the kids’ than they do from him, amid fears he is completely unqualified.  

Giving Murdoch total control of UK for last 40 years ‘not in public interest’, says watchdog 

A MEDIA watchdog has ruled that giving a rabid Australian complete control of Britain for the last four decades was not in the public interest.

Teenager in suspiciously good mood

A TEENAGER has aroused the suspicion of his parents after emerging from his bedroom in an uncharacteristically good mood.

'Are you looking forward to the Royal weddings?' asks woman who assumes you have a melon for a brain

A WOMAN who assumes her colleague has a melon for a brain has asked her if she is looking forward to the Royal Weddings.

Boyfriends really like being cold and want girlfriends to have all the duvet

BOYFRIENDS are more than happy to sleep without a duvet and enjoy being absolutely freezing every night, it has been confirmed.

Man who can’t spell basic words demands you take his opinions seriously

A MAN who constantly posts his opinions on the internet does not seem to realise his spelling undermines his credibility.