Man given medal for not fancying thin women

A MAN has received a special medal for not being especially attracted to thin women.

Middle class woman trying to condemn Wetherspoons without using word 'common'

A GUARDIAN reader is trying to condemn Wetherspoon pubs without saying they are common.

Facebook thread just people proving how clever they are

A MAN'S Facebook post has led to people desperately trying to prove how clever they are.

Cat watching from window knows your deepest, darkest secrets

THE cat that sits in the window of the house opposite to you all day is peering disapprovingly into the murkiest, most sordid recesses of your soul, it has emerged.

Boyfriend recovering after tampon buying expedition

A MAN is making a good recovery after buying tampons for his girlfriend.

Graduate looking for 'easy life' decides to be a teacher

A POLITICS graduate with no real ambitions in life has decided to give in and just become a teacher.

Young people should be forced to attend raves, say 40-somethings

BRITAIN’S 40-somethings have called for a form of National Service which would require young people to attend at least 10 raves per year.

Woman choosing personal, meaningful tattoo from tattooists’ wall

A WOMAN is choosing a tattoo design that is deeply meaningful on a personal level from the ones pinned up on the wall of the tattooists.