Secret to happiness ‘is to ignore everyone and everything’

PURE contentment can be attained by paying no attention to anything around you, experts have confirmed.

Lorries wow M4 with thrilling display of formation driving

A GROUP of lorry drivers amazed motorists with a formation display that lasted a full 14 junctions.

Man going to Halloween party dressed as ‘capitalism’

A MAN has revealed his Halloween party costume is entitled 'capitalism'.

Child wondering exactly when his father is going to grow up

A CHILD has expressed genuine interest in when his father is likely to start acting like a proper adult.

New Facebook feature tells users when friends are deliberately ignoring them

FACEBOOK users will soon be able to tell when people are pretending not to have seen their posts.

GCHQ opens to public

GCHQ has opened its headquarters and outstanding collection of confidential data to the public for the first time.

Lanyard-wearers believe it protects them from witches

PEOPLE who insist on wearing ID lanyards outside the office believe they offer protection from evil, it has emerged.

'Cool' guy turns out to be a Christian

EVERYONE is incredibly surprised to discover a 'quite cool' 33-year-old man is a Christian.