Children not as good at cartwheels as they think

THE overall quality of children's cartwheels is very poor despite what they think, it has emerged.

London flat invisible to the naked eye

A FLAT in London is affordable due to being visible only with a microscope, it has emerged.

Man and woman trying to work out if this is a date

TWO single people having lunch together are unsure if they are on some sort of date.

Accurately kicking ball back to lads in park is highlight of man’s last four years

A MAN has kicked a football with sufficient accuracy back to a group of lads in the park, giving him his happiest moment since 2012.

Woman knows ‘likes' for new haircut are sympathy ‘likes'

A WOMAN who received 188 Facebook likes for a picture of her new haircut knows that most of them were out of sympathy, it has emerged.

Neighbour burning random shit in his garden again

A MAN has started burning random crap in his garden again, his neighbours have confirmed.

Man who chose brother as best man told to try harder

A MAN who has chosen his brother as best man for his upcoming wedding has been told to go back and make a proper decision.

Adults encouraged to embrace their inner grown-up

ADULTS have been urged to unlock their full potential by finding their 'inner grown up'.