Waitrose shopper struggling with hot drink benefits cuts

37-YEAR-OLD Waitrose shopper Emma Bradford is struggling to cope after the supermarket cut her hot drink benefits, she has revealed.

Cadbury 'ignoring part of Bible where rabbit gives Jesus a Wispa egg'

CHOCOLATE maker Cadbury has ignored the biblical story of Jesus getting a Wispa egg off a rabbit, it has been claimed.

Man somehow believes his flat is clean

A MAN who believes his flat is quite clean is incorrect, it has emerged.

House full of 'Love' paraphernalia has really tense atmosphere

A HOUSE full of love-themed trinkets is actually a horrible place to spend time, guests have confirmed.  

Baby relying on cuteness to compensate for being essentially evil

A BABY is relying on his small size and chubby features to compensate for his evil personality.

Children's Sunday league football best place to see two grown men fighting like children

IF you want to see two grown men fight about something pathetic, go to a children's Sunday league football match, experts have confirmed.

Dad finally does something right

A FATHER has been praised by his family for doing something right for the first time in 27 years.

Group of teenagers to collectively roll incredibly bad joint

SIX teenagers have announced a plan to collectively roll a unsmokeably bad joint.