Amazing qualities projected onto awful girlfriend

A MAN has met finally met the woman of his dreams by imagining she is much nicer than she is.

Man having enormous ego trip by working on train

A MAN has convinced himself he is a high-powered business leader by doing some work on a train.

'Lad' all about beer, banter and secret love for male best friend

A 21-YEAR-OLD ‘lad’ is all about banter, booze and crying himself to sleep every night over his best friend Robert.

Kettering confirmed as most adequate place to live

KETTERING is the UK’s most acceptable if unexciting place to live, it has been confirmed.

Diverse London bus inspires anti-racist rant

A WOMAN on a London bus suddenly launched into a monologue condemning racism, it has emerged.

Man unable to feel clean after strange car parked in his space

A MAN fears he will never feel clean again after finding a strange car parked directly outside his house.

People who don't want children 'missing out on lots of expensive boredom'

PEOPLE who do not want children have been warned they could miss out on huge amounts of expense, boredom and disgust.

Traffic lights 'holding back aspirational drivers'

TRAFFIC lights are stopping ambitious drivers reaching the speeds they aspire to, it has been claimed.