Woman’s friends dutifully say ‘wow’ about engagement ring

A WOMAN’S friends have all faked amazement at her engagement ring despite having no idea whether it is impressive. 

Friendship tested by really long email

A CLOSE friendship has been severely tested by a long personal email that will take ages to read.

Friend always having really shit business ideas

A MAN’S friends are sick of him telling them about money-making schemes that are either fatally flawed or already exist.

A month ago you were drunk by now

JUST one month ago you had already downed several glasses of Prosecco by this time, it has been confirmed.

Woman still posting those pukey Facebook messages

A WOMAN is continuing to share ‘inspirational’ Facebook memes long after everyone else decided they were cliched drivel, it has emerged.

London friend wants to know if you're free in 10 weeks' time

A FRIEND from London has asked you to let her know by this afternoon if you are free for a drink in April.

Sexy posh girls unveil bullshit fad diet

TWO hot, incredibly annoying posh girls have unveiled the latest bullshit fad diet.

Man decides not to wish someone 'happy birthday' on Facebook

A MAN on Facebook has decided to not wish happy birthday to someone he only kind of knows.