Gullible man thinks he's got secret information from crackpot website again

A MAN has been sharing ‘secret’ information from conspiracy websites that are clearly bullshit.

British soldiers ‘may not be groovy hippies’

AN organisation that arms people and then gives them orders that must be followed without question may not be producing hippies, it has emerged.

Maybe we could not do this shit and have less stuff, says clearly insane co-worker

AN OBVIOUSLY mad colleague has suggested doing less work in exchange for having less money and things.

Man wearing leggings thinks he's basically Grayson Perry

A MAN who wore a pair of glittery leggings at a festival thinks he’s a daring gender pioneer rather than a stereotypical arse.

Woman who just wanted an Egg McMuffin on the train really not having best day

A WOMAN who just wanted an Egg McMuffin on the train to work is having a bad day, it has been confirmed.

Worker back from holiday pretends to spend day deleting emails

A WORKER is pretending to spend a whole day deleting emails after a two-week holiday.

Kid thinks local comprehensive will be just like Hogwarts

A BOY about to start secondary school is sure it will be like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books.

Student to drop out of university and look for other way of amassing huge debts

A STUDENT has unveiled plans to quit university and focus on different methods of amassing a huge amount of debt.