Nobody getting harassed in Games Workshop

WOMAN are very safe in Games Workshop, it has been confirmed.

Woman excited to enter marketing demographic for incontinence products

A WOMAN is celebrating after getting her first targeted internet adverts for bladder-related products.

Which hate figure should you burn in effigy this weekend?

BURNING Guy Fawkes on your bonfire is so 1600s, but which of 2017’s many hate figures should you burn instead?

Southerners to live as Northerners for a week

A FAMILY from the south-east have swapped places with a family from Sheffield for a week in the BBC’s new twist on the survival TV formula.

Lying about the length of your commute is lying to yourself

LYING to friends and colleagues by claiming your commute is 20 minutes shorter than it is means you are lying to yourself, experts have confirmed.

Britons to be held accountable for their drunken boasts

BRITONS are to be held responsible for all their drunken boasts and failure to do so will result in criminal charges.

Flash car in no way reflects rest of man's life

A FANCY car bought on finance is totally unrepresentative of the rest of its owner’s fairly crap life, it has emerged.

‘Did I throw up in a pumpkin last night?’ asks bleary-eyed eight-year-old

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD has woken up in a tattered skeleton outfit surrounded by Swizzels wrappers with a vague memory of being sick in a jack-o’-lantern.