Grammar pedant who made one mistake will never regain moral high ground

A SELF-confessed ‘grammar Nazi’ has forever lost the right to correct others after misusing an apostrophe one time.

Women only multi-task because no other bugger does anything

WOMEN are forced to do at least six things at a time because no one else actually does anything, it has been confirmed.

Elderly parents worried about some bullshit on the radio again

A WOMAN is becoming increasingly annoyed by her parents believing every bit of nonsense they hear on the radio.

Man declares himself a hero for attending women's march

A MAN who went on the March 4 Women has confirmed he is heroic.

British Council of Boy Racers to decide if Mazdas are cool

BRITAIN’S highest-ranking boy racer council will this weekend decide whether Mazdas are cool.

World Book Day becomes World Shut Up And Watch Telly Day

SCHOOL closures have turned World Book Day into World Shut Up And Put Something Else On Netflix I’m Trying To Work Day, parents have confirmed.

Millions of snowbound workers discover Jeremy Kyle

SNOWBOUND workers across Britain have encountered the Jeremy Kyle Show for the very first time.

Scientists discover last baby name it's safe to laugh at

SCIENTISTS have revealed the only baby name it is still safe to laugh at.