Everyone has forgotten what Cameron was rumoured to have done

THE story that went round last week about David Cameron has completely disappeared from the public mind, it has emerged.

Child of smoker thrilled with sturdy new boots and compass

THE child of a smoker is thrilled with his sturdy new walking boots and 'military-style' compass.

Northerner terrorised London by saying hello

A NORTHERN man has left a trail of terror across London by attempting to interact socially with everyone he meets.

Love each other, say departing free plastic bags

FREE plastic bags have issued a message of solidarity and respect before going home to deep space. 

‘Road rage’ may just be ‘bastard rage’, say experts

SO-CALLED ‘road rage’ may simply be the result of being a bad-tempered bastard in any given situation.

Furious mob targets mildly annoying thing

ANGRY protesters have laid siege to a 'cereal cafe' in East London because it is quite annoying.

Torrential rain forces man to eat lunch in YO! Sushi

A SUDDEN heavy downpour left a man with no choice but to eat raw fish for lunch.

Mum sets new record for losing her shit on school run

A MOTHER has set a new British record for totally losing her shit on the morning school run.