Hilarious exam howlers destroy kids' dreams

A NEW book showcases the side-splitting exam mistakes that have ended the hopes and dreams of children.

Women impressed by men who condemn their taste in music

WOMEN have confirmed that nothing gets them hotter than men vigorously criticising the music they listen to.

Male mannequins to feature hand down front of trousers

MALE fashion mannequins are to be more realistic, including at least one hand rammed permanently down the front of their trousers.

Britain mourns man who actually knew what he was talking about

BRITAIN is today mourning one of the tiny handful of people in the country who had genuine knowledge and insight about an actual thing.

Britain is top place to live, claims sarcastic think tank

BRITAIN is one of the best places in the world, according to a sarcastic thinktank.

Wood burning stove brings authenticity to middle class man's life

THE purchase of a wood burning stove means that a middle class man's life is no longer superficial.

Audiophiles luring youngsters into boring conversations

PARENTS have been warned about audiophiles, who are increasingly targeting young people for dull chats about hi-fi.

Lonely man seizes opportunity to carve face into vegetable

SOCIALLY isolated Tom Logan is celebrating being able to make a 'vege-wife' without being labelled insane.