Toddler first to admit parents went too far with birthday party

A TWO-year-old has confirmed that her magic unicorn birthday party was a bit much.

Man baffled by people who come from different cultures doing things differently

A BRITISH man is baffled by the idea that people who come from different cultures do things differently to him.

Brexiter who talks about ‘sunlit uplands’ reminded he sounds like a psychopath

A BREXIT supporter who thinks Britain is entering the ‘sunlit uplands of a golden age’ has been reminded that it makes him sound insane.

Man who is not pedantic about tea 'should just go and live in Europe'

A MAN has been shunned by his colleagues for not caring whether tea is made in exactly the right way.

'Second referendum' gives Britain brilliant idea

BRITAIN is really warming to the idea of re-doing a referendum if the first result was a disappointment.

Woman discovers she isn't that popular after moving to remote part of London

A WOMAN has discovered she is not all that popular after moving to a part of London that is quite hard to travel to.

Government to build 200,000 starter shitholes

MINISTERS have confirmed plans to build affordable shithole houses across the UK.

Workmate reveals wild side by discussing tattoo he will never get

A MAN has given workmates a glimpse of his wild side by discussing a tattoo that he will never get.