Cute virals 'a form of child labour'

YOUTUBE clips of kids doing adorable things are being produced on an industrial scale.

Police get go-ahead for lager cannons

METROPOLITAN police plan to use lager cannons on dangerously sober rioters.

Britain's new dream is to not have house by the sea

MILLIONS of Britons who dreamed of a coastal cottage would now prefer something several hundred miles inland.

Hideous Londoners forced to travel above ground

THE twisted troglodytes who inhabit London have been forced to expose themselves to daylight.

Government issues guidelines for encounters with white BMWs

Official guidelines for safely handling encounters with white BMWs, Mercedes and Audis have been published by the Department of Transport.

Being cool and being a parent not compatible

IT is not possible to be cool and a parent, experts have warned.

Lloyds horse quits

THE Lloyds horse has stepped down after losing confidence in the bank.

Regional businessman get their own acting school

A PROVINCIAL businessman acting school is grooming the next generation of training video and local cinema advert stars.