Daily Mail hates everyone in Britain

THE Daily Mail hates Britain and everyone in it, experts have confirmed.

Columnist running out of feminist perspectives

GUARDIAN columnist and blogger Nikki Hollis is running out of things on which to have a feminist perspective.

Unemployed must become Scouts

GEORGE Osborne has told unemployed people that they must earn Scouting badges to keep their benefits.

Hen party debts fuelling boom in organ sales

THE spiralling cost of pre-marital celebrations is prompting Britons to sell their organs.

Overreaction now the standard reaction

HUMANS are reacting to everything in wildly exaggerated ways.

Pupil happiness linked to other pupils’ unhappiness

SCHOOLCHILDREN are happiest when making other children unhappy, it has been claimed.

'Yuppie' no longer a word because everyone like that now

THE term 'yuppie' is not used any more because everyone behaves like that these days, it has been claimed.

Sex tapes suprisingly hard to make

MAKING your own sex tape is fraught with technical difficulties, it has been claimed.