Renters delighted to keep buying houses for other people

GOVERNMENT plans for more rented housing have been welcomed by renters who like paying other people's mortgages.

Staff at cool bar hate you and themselves equally

THE nonchalant, arrogant staff at a hipster bar hate themselves just as much as they hate you, they have admitted.

Mother determined to get you involved in feud

YOUR mother is determined that you will not remain neutral in the row she is having with your sister, she has confirmed.

Massive suitcase ideal for train

A MAN believes it was the right decision to take the largest suitcase he could find onto a crowded train.

Man reveals bigger belly than Beyonce

A 54-YEAR-OLD man has delighted the internet with a photo of his huge stomach.

Cat not sure where rumour about him getting fed elsewhere comes from

A CAT has rejected claims that he gets fed in more than one household.

Everyday pricks distance themselves from Trump

SOME of Britain’s most unbearable pricks have confirmed that they find Donald Trump's level of dickishness excessive.

Man has strange need to undermine homelessness

A MAN has a strange desire to downplay homelessness whenever it is mentioned, it has emerged.